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Finding a place for honest and reliable Auto Repair in Richmond can be hard. Vidlers Automotive is the best shop for ASE certified mechanics in Richmond,VA.

Honest and reliable automotive repair at a fair price is our main objective. We take care of our customers from the moment they walk through our door. When it comes to automotive repair and diagnostics in this day and age, many people may say that a computer is doing all the work and the technician is just following orders. Though some of that is true that the equipment is telling us what’s happening, it’s still up to the skill of the technician to determine the underlying cause of the issue and apply experience and intelligent problem-solving skills to efficiently solve the problem. That’s why we have technicians that are constantly attending workshops and classes to stay up to date with new models and technology that’s coming out.

So anytime you notice a funny smell or hear an odd noise while operating your vehicle, we urge you to call Vidlers Automotive and speak with Bobby.

Trusted Mechanic in Richmond, VA

Did your check engine light come on? Not a problem! We have the tools and knowledgeable technicians to effectively test the issue and get you back on the road before you know it while also saving you time and money.

Your check engine light can mean a lot of different things. From something simple to just having a loose gas cap, to sometimes needing a more involved repair. If the check engine light is not flashing then you can continue to drive your vehicle as normal, but we recommend you have your car, truck or SUV checked out as soon as possible. If the check engine light starts flashing it would be best to pull over, turn the engine off, and call a tow truck.

The check engine light along with similar lights that turn on in your vehicle’s dashboard are also known as malfunction indicator lights. They are simply notifying you that your vehicle’s computer noticed an issue while your vehicle is running. Modern vehicles are equipped with multiple sensors that report an issue back to the computer should something be amiss. One thing that we pay attention to is the fact that if one of your sensors goes bad, it can register as a major issue requiring extensive repair; however, in cases like these simply replacing the sensor will deactivate your check engine light and resolve the issue quickly and cheaply. Regularly scheduled maintenance on your vehicle is the best way to keep these malfunction indicator lights at bay and it is something that we will always check no matter what you bring your car in for.

Some regularly scheduled maintenance items include but are not limited to: oil changes, brake inspections, fluid exchanges and flushes. Click here to read more about regularly scheduled maintenance. We also work on many different makes and models and even hybrids.

Anytime you as the driver have questions about how to best maintain or repair a vehicle, give Bobby a call or just drive over to our garage. We are open from 8AM – 5:00PM Monday through Thursday and close at 4PM on Fridays. We can handle any repair issue you bring to us and we will provide you with a vehicle inspection so you can have a better idea as to the overall condition of your car, truck or SUV.

Call us today at (804) 266-9636.